Monday, August 22, 2011

Curry, Crepes and Queso

Our bags are packed and we start our 19 hour, 4 plane trip to India in just a few hours. I am so excited to be visiting this amazing country and to meet many of Phil's family members that I have been chatting with on Facebook. The main reason for this trip is to join in celebrating the marriage of one of Phil's cousins. I will be purchasing a saree to wear to the wedding and can not wait to find one, try it on and learn how to wear it.

My love for the country of India began in college when some friends of mine traveled there while on break. They came back with stories about all of the beautiful colors, delicious food and friendly people. I can not believe I am actually going to get to see what they were talking about in just over 24 hours. The camera is charged and I am ready to capture it all.

After we spend 5 days in India we are flying to Valencia, Spain. Before we knew that we would be traveling to India we had planned on going to Valencia for the big tomato fight at the end of August. We had planned this at the beginning of the year and even had several friends from the States confirm that they would be joining us. Valencia was on and we were going to have to fit it in, no complaining here.

While I was looking for flights from India to Valencia I found a flight that included an 8 hour layover in Paris. Since Phil and I have yet to travel to Paris, and we heard that an 8 hour trip was doable, we decided to book it and venture out from the airport for a macaron and a view of the Eiffel tower. After that it is on to Valencia for 5 more days of swimming, tomato fights and catching up with old friends.

I am ready to get this trip started! See you in two weeks with lots of pictures.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Tuesday in Pictures

Since we have a little break before our next trip (to India, by the way) I thought I would take pictures of a typical Tuesday as I ran errands, met with friends and spent time in the kitchen.