Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our house is a very, very, very fine house

I apologize that it has taken me longer than expected to put pictures of our home on this blog. I ended up catching something and have been living in my bed for the last couple of days. I am back, feeling great and ready to show you our flat.

Our flat is three stories. The first story has the office, guest bedroom, wardrobe room and guest bathroom. Second story is the living room, storage and the kitchen. The third story is our bedroom and a small bathroom. It is like having a home and gym in one, which is great. We end up climbing a lot of stairs everyday.

The antipasto ladies that were going to move into the shop beneath us decided to back out. So if anyone wants to come over and open a small shop in the heart of the city....we have space available. :)

Here is what we started with:

Our house now (minus a few hung pictures):

Our office

The guest bedroom.

The very yellow wardrobe room

The guest bathroom

The kitchen

Our little table (waiting to find a good deal on a decent size table)

Our fantastic fridge ( U.S. size and covered with pictures of friends and family)

Our living room

Our very large balcony (you can almost fit three people on it, standing)

The view from our bedroom window

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  1. Oh Sara, I see Hans in the window! :-) Glad that you guys are all settled in! The place looks very spacious and fun!