Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A break from the heat

We had a great weekend in Erlangen this week not only because of the festival right outside our front door but also because of the cold front that had just rolled in. For the last several weeks we have had non stop ninety degree weather without air conditioning. This has made sleeping a little uncomfortable in our fourth floor bedroom. Saturday morning we were so excited to be able to wear jeans and t shirts. It also made me a little homesick as I began to think about crisp Saturdays in Charlotte....especially during football season. We are going to miss hosting football parties but at the same time we are excited about searching Bavaria for someone/somewhere covering American football.

Here are a few pictures of the festival right in front of our flat.

Pretzels, unicyclists and street bands....a great start to the weekend.

I am so excited about August being right around the corner. We have friends and family visiting us during the first two weeks. For the third week we will be traveling to Berlin with friends to celebrate birthdays and explore the city. I have wanted to travel to Berlin since we first arrived in Germany. Finally, at the end of the month I will be traveling home to spend time with my family. I will try to keep the posts coming with all of these new events.

God continues to bless us with one adventure after another.

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  1. love it! think of you often... i'm excited about football season too. :) wish i could come visit. ttys!