Thursday, August 26, 2010


One thing that I really enjoy about living in Germany is that every weekend there is a festival. It seems that people in Germany just look for a reason to celebrate life. This weekends festival is a little different than the others. This weekend was the start of two week long flea market in the city square. Local businesses, restaurants and craftsman set up booths to sell their goods. The market is open to anyone which can lead to some very interesting displays. I was riding my bike around the festival and had to snap a picture of my favorite display.

Thousands of socks!
Apparently this gentleman sets up every year and is known for carrying a great selection of high quality socks that the locals look forward to every year.

I should also add that the best part of the festival is the night time entertainment. The concerts each night are a lot of fun and attract huge crowds. I have heard some of the most impressive 80's and 90's cover bands since living in Erlangen.

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