Thursday, October 7, 2010

A fantastic week as we return to Prague

Phil and I experienced the joy of having two friends from home stay with us this week. They were in the middle of a 15 day tour of Europe and decided to stop in for a day or two before we all went to Prague. It was a lot of fun showing off our little town and taking them to our favorite spots. The weather cooperated and they were able to see Erlangen at its best. The leaves were changing colors and most of the flowers were still in bloom.

After spending time going to festivals, eating at our favorite restaurants and touring Nuremberg we got on a bus and headed to Prague. Phil and I had been to Prague in April of this year and we were excited to return. It was a quick trip, we were only there for two full days, but still had a great time. I would highly recommend our hotel. We stayed at the Arcadia Residence and it was one of the best hotel experiences that we have had so far in Europe. It is an older apartment building that was bought and refurnished by two men from Italy. The four us were very comfortable in a two bedroom apartment and also enjoyed being able to split the cost of the room between the two couples. Max, one of the gentleman that owns the apartment complex is very helpful and full of information. Everything that he recommended from the food to the tours was spot on. The hotel also offers a very large free breakfast that they bring to your room in the morning. There was so much food that we all easily had enough for breakfast and lunch.

Now onto our time in Prague....

When we arrived at the main train station we noticed that there were a lot of people dressed up in clothing from the early 1900's. We also noticed that all of the windows into the transtation were covered up. As we got closer we realized that they were filming a movie. Immediatly we all began scanning for actors as we had a pretty good view of the set. We later found out that Tom Cruise was in town and that they were filming Mission Impossible 4 in Prague and Vancouver. Although we did not get to see Tom, Katie or Suri, it was a lot of fun to see the set and film crew.

Here is a picture of the the train station where they were filming. It is a beautiful building and they did very little to change its appearance when filming.

I am excited to see the movie when it comes out so that we can try to spot the various locations.

Back to our trip...
The weather was a little chilly and overcast but that did not stop us from being able to see all of the beautiful architecture and attend a very interesting history tour. We enjoyed several Czech meals, spent time on St. Charles bridge and walked into several beautiful churches.

We learned a lot while on our history tour. I never new that Prague Castle is the largest castle in the world. Although it is hard to tell in this picture the castle is over 570 meters long and 130 meters wide.

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