Monday, February 7, 2011

We're not in the US anymore

I am finally back in Germany after spending a month and a half visiting with family, staying with friends up and down the east coast, and gaining a sister at Disney World. It was a great time filled with really warm memories. I was a little sad to be leaving it all but also happy to be leaving with my husband after being apart for three weeks. Now to get over this jetlag.

After taking a long morning nap, since I woke up at 4 am with tons of energy, I decided to walk around my city. I wanted to surround myself with all that I love about our little town so that I did not focus on how much I loved being in the Carolinas. I walked down our main cobble stone street and saw a site that made me smile.

Ahhh, Starbucks. A little reminder of home. I should mention that I often walk into this Starbucks with every intention of buying a cup of coffee. I stand in line and then turn around and walk out. I still can't bring myself to pay 4 euro for a cup.

I then walked down to a trendy clothing shop and was reminded of another fun fact about this part of the world.

I love that dogs are allowed everywhere and are so well trained. I tried to snap a picture of two cute weiner dogs in the mall but the owner was not amused.

Seeing that this is probably our last year in Germany I hope to update you all with frequent posts and pictures of our travels this year. We have a lot to cram in including our trip to Salzburg next weekend.

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  1. great seeing you too. :) we had a blast and it was fun for jaime to finally meet you. praying this year brings more blessings, God-sized surprises and joy for you two. love love!