Monday, March 14, 2011

We are rollin'

This weekend we traveled to Feuchtwangen, a small Franconian town right off the Romantic Road, to celebrate our friend Barb's birthday. We drove the short hour down to Feuchtwangen on Saturday and quickly dropped our things off at the Gasthof and began exploring the area. It was wonderfully German and we all had a great time relaxing in this beautiful town.

This brings me to my next fun piece of news. We have a car! I had mentioned in previous posts that friends of ours moved back to the States last weekend. Among other things we decided to go in with another couple and purchase their car. We could not pass up the great deal and we were excited to not have to continue renting. This also means that we will be able to travel to some of the larger food stores and stock up for the week, instead of only being able to purchase what I can carry on my bike.

Our new car

This upcoming weekend we are traveling to Chiemsee with our German teacher. We hope to be able to ski one last time before spring hits.
We have been warned that we will only be able to speak German all weekend. This will be interesting.

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