Thursday, October 6, 2011

Two days is not long enough!

Day 2
We woke up early the next morning to make sure that we had time to see as much as possible. We rode the bus into Venice, about an 8 minute ride, with the plan of heading to St. Mark's Basilica to get in line.

Unfortunately the line was about 3 hours long so we decided to move on and check back later.

We ended up taking a water taxi around Venice which was a great way to see the beautiful architecture and take a break from being on our feet.

We walked to the fruit and vegetable market and then stopped at a restaurant for a bite.

We shared a mushroom hummus that was amazing.

We also found a place that sold macarons. Phil and I were excited to see this after the incredible ones that we had in Paris. They were almost as good. They even sold an olive oil flavored macaron.

The rest of the afternoon was spent walking around and popping into shops in search of souvenirs and Christmas gifts. I was not convinced that any of our family members would want a mask, even though they were everywhere.

To end the night we decided to sit by the water and listen to a band play near bye.It was a great way to relax and enjoy the beauty of everything around us. Venice has been my favorite city in Italy so far.

Once the sun had set it was time to say goodbye to Venice and head back to our hotel and then onto dinner.

It was a great trip now if only we can fit in Tuscany before we leave Europe.

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