Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Showered with Love

This weekend our friends threw us a few parties. The girls had a shower for me while the boys played poker. After the afternoon events we spent the evening at another friends home for a going away party eating BBQ and lots of delicious sides. We felt so loved and celebrated by our friends.

The shower was lovely with games, good food and lots of laughs. I love these girls and I am so excited that several of them will be returning to Charlotte over the next year.

Yummy treats and a picture of Phil and I in Scotland.
The two pregnant ladies.

Enjoying Kelley's incredible berry lemon punch.

The girls busy creating a picture of our little one from magazines.

Opening gifts. Little boy stuff is so cute.

Having guy time.

It was a beautiful day of celebrating and starting to say goodbye. So strange to think that we only have one more weekend left in Germany.

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