Wednesday, September 22, 2010

These are a few of our favorite things.

The more and more time we spend in Germany the more we begin to realize that there is a lot to love in our little neck of the woods. Although we still miss a lot of people and things back home, Germany certainly has its charms.

Our Place:

Local Cafes:

The Schloss Garten:
This is a very large and beautiful garden/park just down the street from our home. This garden backs up to the only castle in Erlangen.

We have met a lot of students while playing frisbee. It has also been a lot of fun traveling around Germany playing in tournaments.

Our main mode of transportation:
This is something that the both of us will miss when we return to the States. Living in a bicycle friendly town has been a lot of fun and a good form of exercise.

When we want to go a little bit further.....

The Hauptbanhof or train station:

The smells of fresh breads, pastries and crepes that fill the streets every morning. This also leads to the need to bicycle and play frisbee.

The International section at our local bookstore:

There are few bookstores that actually have an English section. I was happy to find one about three blocks from our place.

Living in the Theater District:

This is our main theater. It has been fun to watch the locals dressed up in suits and gowns walking toward the theater at night. So far we have only been to one play but plan on increasing that number in the future.

Finally, the signs of fall on our street:

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