Sunday, November 14, 2010

Apfels und Bananen

This weekend was filled with studying, frisbee and the chance to try out two new restaurants. Although I love traveling, sometimes it is just as much fun to stay in town and enjoy our life here. The highlight of the weekend was Friday night at Sax. Phil and I decided to have a date night and try out a new restaurant that we pass on our bikes every day. It was a cold and raining evening, one of my favorite kinds, and we arrived at the restaurant early enough to snag a window seat. The food was excellent and the entertainment was even better. We had brought one of our favorite games, banana grams, to play while we waited for our food to arrive. Between watching people run in the rain outside our window, conversation and our game, we were set for the night. We both really appreciated the fact that servers here rarely rush customers while dining. It is a slow experience, which was perfect for our night out.

The view from our window.

We are very excited about what is coming next.

Apfelstrudel in Apfel Sahnsauce (apple strudel in an apple cream sauce).

If you look closely you can still see the remains of banana grams around the plate. We quickly stopped playing when the dessert arrived.
We had a wonderful time together and with friends this weekend and we will definitely be back to this spot.

I look forward to blogging again this weekend with pictures of our German Thanksgiving party.

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  1. yay! :) love love it pretty lady- miss you guys and think of/pray for you often. love keeping up with you on here. eat some strudel for me! mmm...