Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter with the Belgians

A few months ago we decided to travel to Belgium for the Easter holiday. We wanted to spend time in both Brussels and Brugge and we were told that Brugge would be our favorite by far. We ended up finding the opposite to be true. Although Brugge was beautiful, Brussels was filled with so many surprises. Around every corner we found a new and impressive area. The Art District, Greek Alley, parks filled with tulips and the city center where just a few of the areas that we enjoyed.

Enjoying a gyro in Greek alley

Playing in the park

Beautiful Brugge

On a canal tour of the city.

The Atomium in Brussels

We had read about the waffles, chocolate and mussels that Belgium is famous for before our trip but we were not prepared for what we would find. There were two or three chocolate shops on every street that we walked down. I am also pleased to say that Belgium chocolate is by far our favorite so far. We also had to resist the urge to purchase a waffle everyday that we were there. The cake like smell of waffles filled the streets and were quite hard to pass up.

After trying some of the areas specialties we decided to have dinner at a Moroccan restaurant.

On Easter Sunday we found a beautiful church that was holding a service in English. Phil and I thoroughly enjoyed the time of worship and feel so blessed to be able to worship with people from all over the world. It has also been really interesting to learn about the different ways that other countries celebrate different holidays. Just like in the States, in Belgium and Germany there are chocolate bunnies everywhere. Although, I must admit, I like the chocolate over here a little more.
With the beautiful buildings and delicious food, Belgium has become one of our favorite countries so far.

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  1. Belgian chocolate is MY favorite too! I love those cities... so fun. Glad you enjoyed yourself. :) Praying for you!