Monday, April 18, 2011

It's a Wrap!

Looking back on the weekend I have strong feelings of joy, exhaustion and the feeling of being stretched. We filmed the show all day Friday and Saturday and Sunday afternoon. The small crew that we worked with were fantastic. They made us feel very comfortable and we all spent time together even when we were not shooting. They were pretty impressed with our little town once we had taken them around to some of our favorite spots. The weather also cooperated and even warmed up to 62 degrees on Sunday.

We still have one more day of filming in Charlotte and then we are finished. Although the show has been a lot of fun the highlight will be going home 7 months earlier than we had originally planned. We are both looking forward to seeing friends, taking care of things with our rental property and of course, picking up some much needed supplies (time for a Walmart run).
We are so grateful for the opportunity and can't wait to find out when the show will air. They have promised that they will send us a dvd so that we can plan a little party and watch it over here.

Not only was the weekend great because Phil and I got to participate in the taping of a great show but also because it was the first time that we have led worship together at church. I have always loved to sing but the idea of singing in front of people has always made me really nervous. Having a camera in my face for two days prior really helped me get over my fear of performing and I believe that it went really well. What a great weekend!

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