Monday, November 28, 2011

Friends, Christmas Markets and LOTS of Food

This weekend our friend Amber came to visit. She spent four days with us before heading to Switzerland for work and just happened to arrive at the start of the Christmas market season. I was so excited to show her around Erlangen, introduce her to Bavarian baked goods and walk around a few Christmas markets.

We went out for Indian food (a first for Amber....still not sure how that is possible).

I introduced her to Krapfen.

We drank lots of coffee at a few of my favorite spots. It was important to keep this Florida girl warm and awake after traveling.

We walked around Erlangen.

And then traveled to Nuremberg to enjoy the Christkindlsmarkt

Turning the gold ring at the fountain.

We slowly made our way through the crowds and enjoyed looking at all of the Christmas treats. It was really strange to hear most people speaking English as we walked.

After walking around for a few hours we took a break and enjoyed a warm nutella covered waffle.

We finished our evening in Nuremberg with a pretzel and decided to head back to Erlangen.

Once back in Erlangen we introduced Amber to a few more friends at the Erlangen Christmas market.

And then walked back home under the lights.

It was a great weekend spent getting to know our dear friend a little better. I so love surprise visits and this one was especially sweet.


  1. We are totally missing the Christmas markets right now! Enjoy, and please have an extra gluhwein (mit ein schuss brandy) for me!

  2. This is totally precious. Way to tell a great stories with pictures and words. You are such a great blogger/writer. Gosh, I had so much fun! I want a Krapfen!! :)