Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's That Time of Year

It is an exciting time of year for the two of us for several reasons....

Our flights are booked to fly home next month to see family and friends. It has been 7 months since we have been home and even that trip was only for a few days to film. I am so ready to see everyone and celebrate together.

Something else that is making me smile is watching the locals gather together to build wooden stalls in preparation for the upcoming Christmas markets.

Since this will be our last Christmas season in Germany I am determined to visit several Christmas markets this year. There is something about walking around in the snow, sipping gluhwein and munching on warm candied nuts all while being surrounded by some of the most beautiful decorations that I have ever seen. It is incredible and we are planning on hitting Erlangen (of course), Wurzburg, Nurnberg and Forcheim this year.

The Tree is up at home. This will make for an interesting Thanksgiving party but I just couldn't wait any longer.

And finally, we just found out that a good friend from the States will be spending a few days with us starting on Thanksgiving day. I am so excited to hangout, introduce her to our town and, of course, the Christmas markets.

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