Monday, January 30, 2012

Bike Rides in the Snow

Well it finally happened this weekend. We woke up Saturday morning to an inch of snow on the ground with a steady snow shower that lasted most of the day. After having breakfast we decided to ride our bikes into town to take pictures and enjoy the white stuff. We tried to soak up every minute of this winter wonderland.

Our ride to the park

Enjoying the Schloss Garten

Where we made the "final decision" on our HHI show

Snow covered church

After throwing a few snow balls we decided to try the new fad in Erlangen, bubble tea shops. We rode to one of the three newly opened shops and thoroughly enjoyed a Mango milk tea with tapioka bobos.

It was a great Saturday!

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  1. ohmygosh, i LOVE this! sooo beautiful! bubble tea is yummy too! yay!