Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Next Four Months.

We are finally back in Germany after a wonderful time at home with family and friends. While we were home we spent time catching up with family and announcing our new return date. Although we originally planned on going back to the States in July, we are now planning on moving late April/early May. This means that we have four months left in Germany. This is so strange to think about. There is still so much to see, do and plan before the movers arrive.

One thing that we finally accomplished was having Phil's frisbee team over for a spaghetti dinner last night. I wish that I had taken pictures of the evening because we had a great time. I prepared a few types of pasta and 5 cheese sauce, meatballs in meat and marinara sauce and a vegetable bolognese. The pasta combined with bruschetta and garlic bread ended up being a hit. It was great to be able to thank the team for welcoming us into their group when we first arrived in Erlangen.

We are in the planning process of having family over to visit in March. We may even meet up with them in Copenhagen, which I am really excited about, before heading to our neck of the woods with everyone. It is so much fun to show off our little town and Bavarian living.

We also just planned a trip to Vienna over Easter break. This will most likely be our last trip in Europe before heading home.

Just in case all of this is not enough we will also be heading back to the States at least once to celebrate the marriage of some dear friends in Orlando.

Lots to do and a lot to blog about. I look forward to capturing these last four months and recording all of the memories so that I can re experience it all years from now.

As it all winds down and I am so grateful for this incredible adventure.

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