Sunday, November 21, 2010

Celebrating in a New Land

Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving with new friends. Although we were sad to be away from family and friends back home, we were excited to be celebrating with our new German friends and fellow expats. It was fun to be celebrating with people that had never experienced a Thanksgiving dinner and were excited to try these American treats. We were able to make just about every Thanksgiving staple except for pumpkin pie. Eating pumpkin is a fairly recent concept here in Germany and they do not sell canned pumpkin. I should mention that we had everything on the menu above including a chocolate caramel cake and a sweet potato pie. Needless to say, the eleven of us were stuffed and thoroughly enjoyed every bite.
Phil and I are so grateful for all that God has provided for us during our time here in Germany.

The girls cooking and explaining in the kitchen.

We were asked to explain what went into each dish and how they could recreate it at home. One of the girls even stated, "wow, this is just like in the movies".

The table.

The Feast (60% of it).

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. awww, your post made my day. what a delight to celebrate with new friends and experience true thankfulness. glad you were able to pass some recipes along too. always fun. beautiful set up and table spread. yummy!