Thursday, December 16, 2010

America here we come!

We are both so excited to be traveling to the States to visit family and friends in a few short days. I am also excited because I will be staying there for SIX WHOLE WEEKS! The plan was to go for two but when my brother announced that he would be celebrating his big day at the end of January, it only made sense for me to stay. Phil will go home and work for a few weeks in between the festivities.

Every time I think about traveling home the Cheers theme song pops into my head. Don't get me wrong, I have loved learning about German culture and working on my language skills but to be surrounded by those that speak my native tongue sounds wonderful. I am ready to walk into any store in the mall and ask whatever question is on my mind. Although most people speak atleast a little English here, I have found I am not always understood. This has made for some very interesting conversations.

I am sure I will continue blogging while I am in the States. Who knows, maybe Phil will blog as well while he is back in Germany. His posts may be more interesting than mine. I will be busy trying to find everything on our "U.S. favorites" list to bring back to Germany. I doubt anyone else is going to be interested in my excitement as I stock up on Crystal Light and low fat peanut butter.

Family and friends, we can not wait to see you all!

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  1. oh fun! will you be in CLT at all next week? would love to see you!