Thursday, December 9, 2010

Snow, Ornaments, and Gluhwein

Walking through the park on our way to our towns Christmas market. It was gorgeous.

We ran into this character who was handing out packets of kleenex.

The four of us trying to stay warm. I love the little kid in the background. Most of the younger kids are in snowmobile suits. I have decided that someday my kids will all wear snowmobile suits. It is just so cute. Hopefully we will live somewhere with snow.

The booths

At the Nuremberg trainstation and on to another Christmas market

Walking into the city

The Nuremberg market was packed with people and very cold. We plan on going again tomorrow to get a better look and shop for Christmas gifts.

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  1. LOVE THIS POST and love those booths! Phil and I remember that park back in the fall:) Miss y'all