Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gran Canaria part 2, traveling home.

We had joked about what a shock it was going to be to travel home to a 50 degree temperature change. We joked, but we were not prepared. I had received an email or two while on vacation concerning the snow and ice but it was a hard site to picture while we were shooting down water slides and laying in the sun.
Before we knew it we were packing up our belongings and heading to the airport.

Taking a very crowded and very hot shuttle to our plane.

After a short delay we were on board and in the air. We were very happy about this since most airports in Germany were currently having 24 hour delays.
As we flew into the center of Europe we began to see the climate change.
Flying over Portugal

Snow covered mountains of northern Spain

Four and a half hours later we were on the ground in Nuremberg

We were welcomed home to a winter wonderland

We could not believe how much it had snowed over the past four days.
My bike and snow filled basket

The next morning we woke up to our beautiful town covered in a blanket of snow.
Pictures from our kitchen window

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