Thursday, July 21, 2011

Running London

I am by no means a runner but I love running in races. I especially love running with others that are running for a cause. The Asics British 10k London Run represented over 1500 charities and was run by almost 40,000 people. I thought that I would be distracted by Big Ben and Buckingham Palace when what I really found myself distracted by was reading everyones t-shirts and finding out who and what they were running for. We were all so proud to be running in a beautiful city and surrounded by so much love and support.

So this love for charity races lead us to sign up for our next race this October in Munich. Can't wait! But for now, onto race pictures.

Our group (Billy, Hannah, Phil, Me, Barb and Jay) wearing our Areva shirts.

Trying to calm our nerves.

Waiting in line. We arrived at the starting line an hour early and still ended up waiting for about 45 minutes after the race started before we were able to start running. We did not mind. It gave us a chance to check out some of the interesting costumes people were wearing.

Jay was kind enough to snap pictures during the race. Unfortunately you wont see Phil in any of these since he finished a good 15 minutes before me. Nicely done (57:52)!

The finish line.
(that is not our time since we crossed the starting line 40 min late)

Everyone relaxing afterwards.

The race was a great success with everyone coming in under their goal times. London, you were so much fun!

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