Monday, September 12, 2011

La Tomatina

The main reason for our trip to Valencia, Spain was to take part in La Tomatina. While back in the States we had watched news clips showing this chaotic tomato fight and talked about how great it would be to join in the fun. Earlier this year we decided that we should give it a shot since we are only a 2 hour flight away.

Headed out on the metro to La Tomatina (equipped with our protective eye wear). La Tomatina actually takes place in a tiny Valencian town called Bunol. It took us about 40 minutes to get there by train from the center of Valencia.

Walking to the area where the tomato fight takes place. As we were walking I realized that this little town was really pretty.

Once we reached the area we squeezed into our spot among 40,000 other people. Even though we were an hour early we were still a ways from the start of the festival. At this point I started to get a littler nervous. Since I was not sure how intense this might get I made sure to position myself near several exits.
While we were waiting for things to get started people living above us started dumping buckets of cold water down onto the crowd. Everyone began to cheer and chant for more water. It was so refreshing while we waited under the hot sun.

We heard a loud shot at eleven o'clock which let us know that the tomatoes were coming. Everyone cheered as the first truck came around the corner.

As each truck came down the street the back of each truck was filled with people throwing tons of tomatoes at the crowd. As some of the tomatoes fall on the road it is a mad dash to pick up as many as you can to continue throwing them at others. I was so happy to be wearing goggles as I was pelted in the eye a few times. About ten minutes into the fight I looked down to see the river of marinara sauce a few inches deep that we were now standing in.

At 12pm we heard another shot and the tomato fight was over. Once we walked out of the crowd to a clearing, with tomato pieces falling off of us, and took a few pictures.

My shoes

As we were walking up the hill and towards the train there were several locals with hoses willing to help us wash off as much as possible.

It was a long ride back into Valencia with all of our fellow tomato throwers. We both agreed that we would be happy not to see or smell a tomato for a while.

It was a great experience and one that I would convince anyone to try once if over on this side of the world in August. Valencia is a beautiful city and one of our new favorite spots in Spain.


  1. awesome. just pure awesome. miss you guys!

  2. Crazy! I can't believe you actually went to this. I bet it was really fun, and messy, and yeah, smelly. Too cool.

  3. You guys are back! It looks like you had so much fun. It would be great to find a time to connect and hear more. I am in the states until the middle of October but maybe afterwards! I am going to look on Hulu for your house hunters show :) Hope I can find it!