Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We are not in Charlotte anymore

I can't believe that we are hitting our 20th month of living in Germany already. Time is flying by and although we are excited to be getting closer to reuniting with friends and family we are also feeling a little sad. Phil and I have started talking about how hard it will be to leave in July and say goodbye to this life we created in Germany. This has truly been an awesome experience filled with a lot of highs a lows. Who knows, maybe someday after starting a family we will be back.

As I think about our return I am reminded of all of the little differences between Charlotte and our life here. There are definitely some things that remind us that we are a ways from home. I should preface this with the fact that this has all been our experience living in our little town.

Things that continue to remind me that we are not in Charlotte anymore.

1. Squeegees in the shower.
2. Accordion players right outside our kitchen window at night.

3. The festivals every weekend. I am amazed that for a small town there is always something that is being celebrated.

4. A bicycle as our main mode of transportation. I am loving it and keep trying to convince myself that I can continue this lifestyle when we go back.

5. Paying for water which comes in tiny glasses at restaurants. On a rare occasion we can order water from the tap, which is free, but this is the case about 25% of the time, in our experience.

6. The fashion. I have still not tried the black tights under jean shorts trend yet.

7. Where is the ice? I am amazed that ice in glasses is not normal over here. It is such a treat when a restaurant serves ice water.

8. Seeing the occasional man dressed in lederhosen at the grocery store and having it be no big deal.

9. Drinking hot coffee right after a good workout. Let me paint a picture for you. I go to a really nice gym that has ac. Not air conditioning like we are use to in the States, more of a light breeze that you quickly do not notice once you start working out. On this particular day I had just finished a very hot and long body pump class with about 25 other people. I was shocked when a large number of these folk, just as drenched as I was, sat down for a cappuccino at the front desk. I will never understand it.

9. The cost of most vegetables and fruit. This was a great surprise. It is often times a lot cheaper than back in NC. I remember paying $1.69 for a large green pepper before moving here.

Look what I just purchased for 99cents (not on sale). Fantastic!

10. Another fun difference is the fact that in order to buy many herbs, at least at my store, you have to buy the entire plant. This is true for basil, cilantro, parsley...you name it. Luckily the plants are inexpensive and last a lot longer.

11. I will end with one aspect of Bavaria that I will REALLY miss, the Christmas season. Germany does not mess around when it comes to getting into the holiday spirit. Between the early start date, plethora of Christmas goodies and Christmas markets, I can't get enough. It also helps that snow is usually involved, something that is not common in Charlotte around Christmas time.
I was delighted when I walked into a shop last week and saw this....
It's coming!

Germany, you have been good to us and we will really miss you. We are going to try to see as much of this great country as possible over the next 10 months.

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  1. Cheap vege and fruit were great in Germany! And so fresh. But they have no idea what ice is. Get with it, Deutschland ;)