Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bears, a little Irish town and stew

We are now home, exhausted and laughing as we look through the 500 + pictures that we took while in Ireland. I still can not believe that we saw everything that we did in just 4 and a half days. I will try to break up the trip into several posts so that I can highlight some of our favorite spots and moments. I will also try not to make them too long but bear with me, there is so much that I do not want to forget.

Days 1& 2.

Our friends had arrived, details were being finalized and we were ready to get on the road. We were set to fly out of Munich on the 22nd and decided to take the train down the day before so that we could enjoy the city before flying to Dublin.

Phil and Brian hanging out with a Munich bear.

After walking around the city, doing a little shopping and getting a bite to eat, we headed to our hotel before our fight out the next morning.

Once we landed in Dublin we grabbed the rental car and then drove to our hotel in Powerscourt which was just south of the city.

It is always nice to have friends with connections. Our friend Brian has worked for the Ritz for 9 years and was able to get us a few rooms for our first night in Ireland. Not a bad way to start our time here in Ireland.

The hotel was beautiful and is located in Enniskerry

Our room.

The view from one of our rooms.

The pool/spa

After seeing the pool and spa area Malini and I quickly decided that we would be staying in and relaxing while the guys biked around the property.

After we all met back up we decided to drive into Enniskerry to explore this sweet town.

Great eateries and bakeries that serve fresh scones and chocolate filled crescent rolls.

We found a great place to eat and settled in for a relaxed night of Irish food and music.

Malini and me waiting for our food, fish and chips and Irish beef stew.

The food was incredible, probably my second favorite meal in Ireland. I think this was also the only meal that I forgot to take a picture of.

I would highly recommend spending time in Enniskerry. The locals were really friendly and the hotel was not too shabby either. The surrounding area was also worth exploring, which I will touch more on in the next post.

The next morning we said goodbye to the Ritz and headed out on our way to Kilkenny.

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