Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beautiful Napoli

Naples was a fun port to visit, even more so because we had decided to take a slow leisurely look at what this city had to offer. We were still pretty tired from running around Rome the day before. Our main agenda was to walk along the side streets and try to see the real Napoli apart from what was set up for the tourists.

The center of the city a short cab ride from the port which meant we had more time to find the hidden gems of Naples.

This is the view from the port.

After taking a short cab ride into the city we walked around and talked to several of the local street artists. We started walking down the main roads that were covered with men selling knock off hand bags. We soon found a few interesting side streets and left the masses.

What we explored.

The architecture.

Since Naples is the birthplace of pizza we were in search of the best Naples had to offer. After asking around we were told that Sobillo restaurant served the best pizza in the city. It was a tiny little restaurant on a side street. If you are ever in Naples it is a must.

Pepsi Light cheers.

I love that a personal pizza feeds four in Europe.

It was AMAZING. The pizza was good in Florence but did not compare to what Naples had to offer. We were really glad that we got there early because the restaurant filled up quickly and when we left there was a line down the street.

Another gelato stop.

Watching kids play with a soda bottle. There were several groups of kids playing in the center square with bottles and boxes for goals.

After walking off that delicious pizza and taking in all of the beautiful buildings we decided to head back to the boat just in time for dinner.

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