Monday, June 13, 2011

Celebrations in Barcelona

Barcelona was on my list of places I really wanted to visit before our time in Europe was over. We had decided to arrive two days for leaving on the cruise to allow time to walk around the city and sample the Spanish cuisine. Little did we know that on our second night we would be up late into the night listening to Barcelona's football fans celebrate all night with bonfires and fireworks.

After the cruise we spent one final night in Barcelona before taking an early flight back to Germany the next morning. Although we had big plans to check out a museum or two, we were so tired at the cruise that we decided to call it an early night in preparation for traveling the following day.

Here is some of what we saw and enjoyed.

The beautiful Arc de Triomf. If you look closely you can see a stage being set up right behind it. There were several stages set up in the area in preparation for the big game (Barcelona vs. Manchester United for the leagues final). We found out the next day that 25,000 people had gathered there that night to celebrate Barcelona's win shouting, "Ole, Ole, Ole".

A Spanish flash mob.....almost. As we were walking down to the open air markets we came across a band playing in front of a large church. As we got closer we noticed large groups of people forming circles and dancing.

A car that was set on fire during the celebration of Barcelona's win.

Pretty sweets

Enjoying all of the side streets.

More beautiful buildings

Our last stop for Gelato ( I thought it was the best we had tried all week).

Both Phil and I agree that this trip is in the top three trips that we have taken since moving to Germany. We had such a good time on the cruise ship and loved that we always had a familiar place to come back to after spending our days in various ports.

We will be coming back to Spain at the end of August and I look forward to returning to the gorgeous weather and amazing architecture. We will be traveling to Valencia for La Tamatina on August 31st.

Now it is time to enjoy a little time at home before a few friends from the States come over to visit and we head to Ireland in two weeks.

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