Friday, June 10, 2011

Last stop, Mallorca

Mallorca was the final stop on our Mediterranean cruise. By the time we reached the port we were exhausted and went back and forth on whether to walk around or stay on the ship and relax. We eventually decided that we would regret not checking it out even if it was only for a few hours and headed out.

We saw a beautiful castle

Beautiful homes

Vibrant plants and flowers

A few fun signs

And some interesting graffiti (yes, that is more gelato).

About two hours into our hike it started raining and did not appear to be letting up any time soon. At this point we decided to head back to the boat for a free lunch. I think that everyone else had the same idea because the boat was packed.

After a late lunch we looked on the schedule and noticed that there was a Beatles tribute band playing outside at the back of the ship in an hour. Remembering that there was a hot tub near where they would be playing we decided to grab a spot in the tub and enjoy our last night on the ship.

The band was great and as the ship pulled out of the port this was our view from the hot tub.

We quickly realized that we were not ready for this trip to be over. We had had such a great time!

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