Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When in Roma

It was so exciting to wake up and look out the window to see our boat sitting in Civitavecchia, Italy. After grabbing a quick breakfast from the buffet we headed out to try to see as much as possible before having to get back on the boat by 6pm.
We figured out the train system and took the hour long ride into Rome. There was so much that we wanted to see but new that we would probably only be able to see our top three attractions. Since once again we decided to self tour we would not have the advantage of cutting lines and had to navigate the city on our own.
Our first stop was to see the Roman Forum on our way to the Coliseum. The ancient Roman Forum is a huge area of ruined temples, basilicas and arches.

After a long walk we had reached the Coliseum.

A view from the top

And of course, tossing the frisbee in front.

On our way to Vatican City we passed the Arch of Septimius Severus

Reaching Vatican City

The line to get into the Apolostic Palace was about 3 hours long so we decided to go to the Vatican museum which houses the Sistine chapel. The Coliseum and the Sistine chapel were the top two things that I wanted to see.

The museum was gorgeous

Sistine chapel (they are a little dark since you are not allowed to use a flash)

Before we knew it it was time to leave the museum and head down the spiral staircase.

We had hoped to see the Pantheon before leaving but we were afraid of cutting it close and missing the boat so we headed back. It was a great day of seeing things that I never thought I would actually see in real life.

We were exhausted by the time we made it onto the boat. We had a delicious dinner and called it an early night since we had a full day of exploring the birth place of pizza, Napoli, a head of us.

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